Wynwood Real Estate


    Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Once known as a decrepit business district, Wynwood has developed into one of Miami’s most vibrant community. Today, Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood is the world’s largest open-air museum dotted with restaurants, dance venues, breweries, artwork, clothing shops, and many other retail options.

    Once an industrial area, Wynwood is decorated with many colorful murals. World-renowned investors and artists paint these murals, and they are done on the 50 city blocks that make up this neighborhood. Wynwood boasts about 200 street paintings. This is more than any other neighborhood in the world. Unlike other regions where street art is not allowed, this eclectic neighborhood embraces it.

    Wynwood is adjacent to Edgewater, and north of Downtown Miami. It is divided into two main sub-districts, the Wynwood Fashion District along West Fifth Avenue, and the Wynwood Art District in the northern part of Wynwood. Wynwood is bounded to the east by Florida East Coast Railway, then by North 20th street to the south, I-95 to the west, and I-195 to the north.

    This neighborhood has seen an increasing number of attention and investments since the early 2000s with Tony Goldman playing a significant role in its advancement. In 2005, Midtown Miami development projects started. This included the North 29th and 36th street and Miami Avenue and the Florida East Coast Railway expanding the scope of the area. This project brought renewed attention to this region.


    Wynwood’s Art, Fashion, and Technology

    Wynwood quickly grew into an eclectic neighborhood and attracted a good number of commercial residents. These people have a different way of life and are interested in things such as fashion, art, and technology. This led to the creation of the sub-districts. Here in Wynwood, the Wynwood Art District contains murals, private art collections, and galleries outdoors. This area is centered around Wynwood walls. These walls were realized in 2009 by Tony Goldman. Miami fashion District is a sub-district of Wynwood whose main artery is along the Northwest fifth avenue, where many of the major clothing distributors and retailers are situated. Another sub-district of Wynwood is the Wynwood Technology District. Here, there is a co-working space called the LAB Miami. It is the center for start-up innovations in this neighborhood.

    Whether you are into art, fashion, or technology, Wynwood is an exciting area to visit. This neighborhood has a great low-key ambiance and a good number of beautiful things to see. Interestingly, its inhabitants are fascinating and welcoming.

    Although the ambiance in this neighborhood grew via the Second Saturday Art Walks, Wynwood is very active day in day out! There is plenty to explore, drink, eat, and see in this ever-developing neighborhood.