Midtown Miami Real Estate


    The area north of Downtown, commonly known as Midtown Miami is a perfect destination for people who love art and architecture. This area is bounded by the Design District, Edgewater, Wynwood, and Buena Vista neighborhoods.

    Midtown Miami was once a desolate area filled with isolated warehouses and stores. But recently, this neighborhood has experienced a rebirth of phenomenal proportions, and it is now a prime residence for hip and young professionals. Midtown has developed rapidly and is home to many local and national restaurants and stores, and home to shops at Midtown Miami – its main attractions. Also, it features a wealth of art galleries, stunning condominiums, and uniquely designed houses. A considerable number of office businesses have equally settled in this fast-growing area.

    Looking for a new and beautiful place to hit when next you are on holidays? Midtown Miami got you covered.  It is a good destination for everyone. With the rapid interest and population growth in this area, there are many ongoing real estate projects. One of these include the Hyde suites and Residences Midtown Miami project slated to be launched in September. It will be the very first luxury lifestyle hotel in the area. This luxurious hotel comprises of 60 rooms.

    There is also the gigantic Triptych proposed project. According to the plan, this hotel has to soar a remarkable 20 stories into the Midtown horizon. This building will hold a commercial/retail space, 297 hotel rooms, a parking lot with 368 parking spaces, a rooftop restaurant, and an art gallery that will set a standard for neighboring Art and Design Regions.

    Trendy and eclectic, the localities within Midtown Miami are perfect destinations for all those seeking a centrally located residence, not far from each other. Ever-growing in popularity, Midtown offers its residents a chance to reside in a SoHo like environment without paying huge amount of money. With more than 14 towering residential structures, many single-family homes to choose from, a good number of mid-rise apartment buildings, Midtown Miami is gradually becoming the most desirable neighborhood in Miami.

    It is a small neighborhood with outdoor cafes, color-flooded walls, a broad appeal, and good food vendors all snuggle into an attractive collection of shops and streets. Get to the closest couture coffee shop and enjoy a small-batch roast!

    Once in this lovely small town, you are perfectly positioned for an easy journey to experience mainland destinations like Brickell, and you are not far from creative hotspots such as Edgewater and Wynwood.